Coat of Arms Flags and Family Crest Flags


Coat of Arms flags capture family history and demand attention - A Coat Of Arms flag will quickly become a treasured possession for you and your family, and an excellent conversation piece for your home!

The Flag Makers takes pride in our custom-made Coat of Arms flags and Crests for families across the globe. After numerous requests from our customers, we are proud to announce that we have permanently added our Coat of Arms flags selection.

Coat of Arms Flags makes for a great gift for friends and relatives, so if you are thinking about getting a gift for someone, don't get another lame picture frame - get a custom-made Coat of Arms Flag!

Over the years, we have acquired an extensive library of more than 2 million family Coat of Arms styles to choose from. Our highly-trained team of specialists are able to convert your images to a full-color print on a flag.

When you purchase a Coat of Arms flag from The Flag Makers, we not only guarantee a cheaper rate than our competitors, but an outstanding price of up to 30% less than our competitors!


Click on the flags below to see a larger example of a "Coat of Arms" flag.




What Can You Expect On Your Family’s Coat of Arms?

Click on the link below to confirm that we have your Coat of Arms. Please note: you will be taken to another site.

From there, simply use the search box on the left-hand side to view your Coat of Arms image.

You will find a description of the images and the design on your family crest, along with an excerpt of your surname’s history.

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We guarantee that each Coat of Arms flag produced from The Flag Makers are:

  • Digitally printed with your family's Coat of Arms
  • 3' x 5' in size
  • Created with durable, super-knitted polyester, giving a vibrant shine to your flag
  • Fully-colored images that stay true to your Coat of Arms family colors
  • Manufactured with reinforced stitching and a reinforced head, with 2 brass grommets to ensure the perfect installation


A downloaded .JPEG for use on your Coat of Arms would normally cost extra with other suppliers, but The Flag Makers gives you this option 100% FREE - allowing you to save more than $18.00!

Ordering your Coat of Arms flag is easy!

Once you have found your surname in our database, simply choose between a white or a tri-colored background with your Coat of Arms and then place your order!

Just follow the link below to place your order now, and you can expect to receive your custom made Coat of Arms flag in just 10 days!

With The Flag Makers, ordering a Coat Of Arms flag for your family has never been easier!


Coat of Arms White background

Coat of Arms Tri Color background


Coat Of Arms Flag Samples


Customer Testimonials

"I received the flags yesterday and I have to tell you I couldn't be more happy with the result. It took a long time to come to realization but the finished product is absolutely perfect. I can't fine the adequate words to thank you and your very talented crew. I know this one had to be hard for you to produce."
T.L."Tim" Cable
California USA

"The flags arrived. They look GREAT!  The price was right and the delivery time was the best.  Thank you for your help.  I will talk to the other club members and see if they would like to order some more, Thanks again, I would highly recommend your company to anyone."
David Kornell
Kelowna BC Canada

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