Flags of the World : Aruba Flag

The Aruba flag was proudly adopted on March 18, 1976. As with most flags, all of the colors and design elements have a special meaning for the people of Aruba.

The red star located in the upper left hand corner represents the four points of the compass. This four pointed star is also symbolic of the people of various nationalities who have made Aruba their home. It is also said to represent the island itself, with the red color representing the blood shed by Arubans and the Indian inhabitants during the French pass war. The white border around the star also has meaning. It represents the beautiful sandy beaches that surround Aruba on all sides.

The blue in the background of the Aruba national flag fittingly represents the sea, while the yellow stripes represent the island’s movement towards being a separate, self-governing member of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. With two stripes, they have a double meaning. The stripes also stand for the mineral wealth of the land that brought prosperity to the islanders back in the 19th century.

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