Flags of the World: Azerbaijan Flag

The unique design of the Azerbaijan flag was used from November 9, 1918 to 1920, when Azerbaijan was independent. It then went through multiple designs before being readopted on February 5, 1991.

Every Azerbaijan flag contained the color red, and the current flag has red in its center band, so it’s arguably the most important feature of the flag. This color represents Azerbaijan’s progress to establish a modern state and develop a democracy. A blue stripe is located above the red and stands for Turkic multi-nationalism, and a green stripe below denotes the nation’s relation to the Islamic civilization.

There is some debate as to the meaning of the crescent and star. One interpretation is that the image represents Islam, while the eight-pointed star represents the eight letters in the name “Azerbaijan” when written in Arabic. It may also represent the eight branches of the Turkic people.

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