Flags of the World: Benin Flag

The Benin flag has a turbulent past. It was initially adopted in 1959 when the French authorities granted limited autonomy to Benin to become a self-governing republic. Unfortunately, the flag had to be abandoned in 1975 when the country became a Marxist regime. After the Marxist regime ended, the flag of Benin was able to be readopted in 1990.

The Benin national flag utilizes both horizontal and vertical bands of color, which represent the traditional Pan-African colors. A single panel of green is located on the left hand side of the flag of Benin, symbolizing hope and revival. Two panels of horizontal colors are located on the right hand side of the flag. The top color is yellow and symbolizes the ongoing preservation of the country’s wealth. The bottom color is red and represents the strength and courage shown by the nation’s ancestors, as well as the blood shed by those who fought for Dahomey.

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