Flags of the World: Bermuda Flag

Although Bermuda’s flag is unique, it does have some similarities to other flags, especially when it comes to the flag of the United Kingdom, which can be seen in the upper left hand corner. This is because of Bermuda’s status as a British overseas territory.

This flag stands apart from other British territories because it uses the red ensign form on land, while others default to blue. This is in keeping with pre-1965 Canada and the Union of South Africa before 1928, both of which used red ensigns ashore as local flags. The flag of Bermuda was adopted on October 4, 1910.

On the right side of the flag is the Bermuda coat of arms. It depicts a red lion holding a shield decorated with a sinking ship. This image represents the Sea Venture of Bermuda which sunk about one mile off the coast of Bermuda during the summer of 1609.

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