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National Flag of Brazil

The national flag of Brazil has a unique color combination and design, especially when compared to many of the world’s flags that utilize horizontal or vertical stripes. The Brazil flag has neither.

The background of the Brazilian flag is green, which traditionally represented the House of Braganza of Pedro I, the first Emperor of Brazil. Today, the common meaning is that the green color stands for the lush tropical forests found throughout the region.

A rhombus is located in the center of the flag and is colored yellow. Traditionally, this color represented the wife of the House of Habsburg, Empress Maria Leopoldina. Today, it is better known for representing the gold resources that Brazil was known for in it’s past.

These details are interesting, but what makes the Brazilian flag truly unique is the round starry sky inside the rhombus. There are a total of 27 stars, each representing a single Federal District, as well as the state of Brazil. A banner running through the center of the circle reads “Ordem e Progresso” which means “Order and Progress.”

The flag design was initially adopted in 1889, but additional stars were added in 1992.

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