Flags of the World: British Virgin Islands

In keeping with British tradition, this territory’s flag is seen with the Union Jack in the upper left hand corner. The British Virgin Islands flag also depicts another image on the right hand side. It is an image of Saint Ursula, who happens to be the namesake of the islands. She was symbolically martyred with 11,000 virgins. These virgins are represented by the 12 lamps surrounding the saint. The image is further adorned by a banner that reads “Vigilate” which means “Be watchful.”

There are other versions of the British Virgin Islands flag. The civil ensign uses a red background instead of the blue background that can be seen on the official flag of the British Virgin Islands. The BVI flag of the governor appears quite different, because the background is comprised of the union flag, but all of the colors and design details are there in some form or another.

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