Flags of the World: Cameroon

The Cameroon flag looks much like other flags throughout the continent of Africa, but its history sets it apart. It was adopted with its present design on May 20, 1975, and it was the second country in Africa to adopt the Pan-African colors of red, green, and yellow.

The center stripe of the national flag of Cameroon is ultimately the most important, as the red color stands for unity. It is fitting that the star be located on this stripe since it is itself the ‘star of unity.’

The left vertical stripe is green and is said to stand for hope, as well as the forests in Southern Cameroon.

The right vertical stripe is yellow. It is said to stand for happiness, the sun, and the savannahs in the northern most part of the country.

Previous flags looked very similar to the one adopted in 1975. The earliest version of the flag depicted the three vertical stripes in 1957.

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