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Flags of the World: Canada

The national flag of Canada is easily recognizable, which automatically sets it apart from other flags around the world. It consists of three vertical stripes; two red stripes on the right and left side of the flag with a white vertical stripe down the center. These colors were chosen as the national colors of Canada by King George all the way back in 1921. The color red was chosen because of Saint George’s Cross. The color white was taken from the French royal emblem.

Although the contrasting colors are extremely eye-catching, they aren’t what set the flag of Canada apart from others. In the center of the flag is a large maple leaf, colored red. It’s a fitting choice because the maple tree is the national tree of Canada. The idea of using a maple leaf was taken from The Royal Military College of Canada.

The first flag of Canada was flown all the way back in 1497, but the current design wasn’t approved and used until 1965.

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