Flags of the World: Cayman Islands

As a British overseas territory, it makes sense that this flag would depict the Union Jack in the upper left hand corner, just like many other British territories throughout the world. It was officially adopted on May 14, 1958 when the Cayman Islands was finally able to stop using the official British flag as it was granted its own coat of arms.

The background of the Cayman Islands flag is a sea of blue on which the coat of arms is located. It consists of a shield, a crested helm, and a motto. There are three green stars situated on a bed of white and blue wavy lines, representing each of the Cayman Islands. A gold lion is located on the top of the shield, representing Great Britain, while a turtle sits atop the shield itself. Behind the turtle is a pineapple, and the motto at the bottom of the shield says “He hath founded it upon the seas.”

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