Custom Car Flags

Multiple ways to advertise with custom car flags

Banners are a great way to advertise, especially at special events, but they’re so stationary. What about all the people you drive past on the way to the latest tradeshow? If only there was a way you could advertise your business wherever you go… There is when you choose custom car flags from The Flag Makers!

By printing your logo or company image on one of our car flags, you’ll be able to share your business nearly anywhere! Not only are they effective when driving down the street or coasting down the highway, they can be extremely effective when sitting in a parking lot.

Multiple ways to advertise with custom car flags

When you think of a car flag, a rectangular-shaped flag that attaches to your window is likely to come to mind. Although we definitely offer that style, there are so many others you can choose from when you shop with us!

  • Car window flags: With eight different shapes and sizes to choose from, you can customize the right flag for your car window.
  • Car caps: From the hood of your car to your gas cap and even the headrests, we can create custom flag products that will get everyone’s attention.
  • Antenna flags: Our antenna flags are great on any car, but they can just as easily be used on mopeds, bicycles, and more!

Complete your advertising arsenal

When it comes to advertising, it’s important to use many different methods to ensure the optimum level of exposure. From banners to display pop ups and custom car flags, we’ll create the perfect combination of marketing materials for your business. Contact us today to get started!