Car Antenna flags

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Sometimes, understated advertising techniques are the way to go. After all, if your business isn’t about being loud, why would you choose large banners and huge car displays? If you’d rather find an understated way to advertise your business, our car antenna flags are the perfect choice.

Our flags can easily be attached to your car’s antenna for a quick and easy way to advertise on the road and in the parking lot. If you don’t have an antenna, but you still like the look of an antenna flag, choose a magnetic car flag. Either way, you’ll get the attention you’re looking for, ultimately increasing the success of your business.

Not just for cars

There’s no doubt that our car antenna flags look great on cars, but our antennas look right at home on a wide variety of vehicles:

  • Cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs
  • Motorcycles and mopeds
  • Bicycles
  • Golf carts and four wheelers

If it has wheels, we can customize an antenna flag that will work perfectly.

Made to withstand the weather

Our car antenna flags are small but mighty. They provide you with outstanding exposure because they can withstand anything that mother nature throws their way.

Made out of durable polyester and printed using high-quality printing techniques, our car antenna flags will look like new, regardless of the weather. From heavy winds to rain and snow, you can park your car without worrying about what the weather will do to your car antenna flags.

Our products are completely customizable. Not only can we perfectly recreate your logo, we can even create one for free! Contact us today to learn more!


  • Knitted Polyester
  • Polyester
  • PVC

Print Size

  • 10×15
  • 15×22
  • Custom size is available


  • 100D Polyester
  • 110g Knitted Polyester

Print Size(cm)

  • 10×15,14×21
  • custom size is acceptable
Picturer Part No. Size Car Speed Limit Weight
WMNF-2 7*28cm <140 km/h 230g
CF-MP01 5*28cm <80 km/h 150g
CF-MP02 5*28cm <80 km/h 150g
Part No. Material Print Size Flag Pole Pole Size Weight
MF-01 100D Polyester
110g Knitted Polyester
19x27cm 31.7x3x3cm 0.5kg
Part No. Material Print Size Flag Pole Pole Size Weight
FP05 Knitted Polyester
20x30cm 150xΦ0.6cm 130g