Car Caps

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One of the best ways to advertise is to add an element of surprise to your marketing arsenal. People expect to see signs in windows, banners at tradeshow events, and billboards as they drive down the street, but they aren’t expecting to see a car with writing on it!

Car caps from The Flag Makers are a great way to advertise your business because they transform your vehicle into an eye-catching display. Whether you’re sitting at a stoplight, driving down the street, or your car is sitting in the parking lot, people won’t be able to resist doing a double take to see what’s plastered all over your car.

Unexpected car cap designs

You’ve probably seen car caps before, but we bet you haven’t seen some of our unique options! We offer a wide range of car caps to choose from that include:

  • Car mirror flags: Because rearview mirrors protrude out from the vehicle, they’re a great place to advertise.
  • Car seat covers: If you want to advertise your business inside your vehicle, choose car seat covers.
  • Car hood covers: Nothing makes a grand, oversized statement like a car hood cover!
  • Fuel tank cap covers: This is the perfect option if you’re looking for an understated way to advertise.

Really want to step up your advertising game? Mix and match our car caps for the ultimate advertising vehicle!

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Our car caps are a customer favorite because they’re so durable. We’re also an industry favorite because we offer a wide variety of free services, like free logo designing and free samples.

We offer free estimates too! Fill out our online form or give us a call and we’ll tell you exactly how much your flag project will cost.

Size Material Print Size Weight Note
S 180g Elastic Polyester 24x27cm 60g/pair used on sedan
M 180g Elastic Polyester 24x30cm 70g/pair used on SUV


  • 180g Elastic Polyester

Print Size

  • 23x25cmcustom size is acceptable
Print Size Material Note
S: 80x135cm 180g Elastic Polyester used for taxe
M: 100x145cm 180g Elastic Polyester used for Buick
L: 120x155cm 180g Elastic Polyester used for BMW, BENZ


  • 180g Elastic Polyester

Print Size(cm)

  • 22×24,21×2111.5×14, 13.5×13.5