Feather Flags Are A Great Way To Display Your Business

featherflagsA beach/feather flag package comes as a complete set, which includes a sectioned and flexible aluminum pole, a base of your choice, and your digitally-printed custom flag. You can choose whether you want the flag to be single or double-sided, and you can completely customize the design and style of your beach flags.

You can choose between our digital print or screen print process, whichever one you would prefer! Every flag that we make is manufactured to the highest standard of quality, and is specially treated to always maintain the perfect color.

Our flags are also waterproof, so you can wash them as needed.


Our digital dye printing and screen printing processes result in excellent color matching, allowing us to produce deep, rich color contrast. For longer runs, screen printing is typically the best choice.

Feather Flag Sizes:

  • 8′ Pole with 6′ flag
  • 10′ Pole with 8′ flag

Feather Flags Set Specs:

      • No minimum (Bulk Discounts Available)
      • Full color/design
      • Dye sublimation
      • Single sided or double sided
      • 200D knitted polyester
      • Completely washable
      • Inks UV protected
      • Poles are aluminum light weight
      • Strong flexi-top fiberglass


Feather Flag Samples:

Set Includes

      • 1 Flag
      • 1 Pole
      • 1 Cross or Spike
      • 1 Carry Bag

Carry Bag Included FREE


Bases Available

We offer 4 different bases that all fit our poles, these bases can be used for feather flags, teardrop flags and rectangle display flags.

Cross Base


Spike Inground


Car Wheelbase


Wall Bracket


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