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Feather flags and display banner flags aren’t really all that uncommon. Because they can frequently be seen at tradeshows, outdoor events, and outside businesses, they can easily be ignored. That is, unless you choose a feather flag with a unique shape!

Curved feather flags, also known as S-shaped flags, from The Flag Makers is the perfect way to use a feather flag with a little flair! Our curved feather flags have a true S-shape. With a pointy top and a large curved bottom, these feather flags have curves in all the right places, prompting people to come in for a closer look.

For use indoors and outdoors

Some flags are constructed out of flimsy material and meant to be used indoors. That can be extremely inconvenient if you want to set up a table at an outdoor event.

At The Flag Makers, we’ve got you covered. All of our flags are made out of sturdy materials and printed with digital techniques to ensure the colors don’t run. From the fabric to the stitching, we’ll make sure that your curved feather flag can stand up to the wind, rain, and UV rays.

Multiple ways to customize your order

We understand that a one-size-fits-all flag design doesn’t communicate just how special your products and services are, which is why we offer multiple ways for you to customize your order.

Choose from different flag sizes, shapes, and customize your flag with a personalized image or logo. You even have your choice of flag poles and flag bases!

Fill out our online form, we’ll provide you with a free estimate, and we’ll get started on a special flag project just for you!

Pole Size Pole Height Flag Size Total Height
 MLG146-3m/MBQ-3M  3M  70x200cm 260cm
 MLG146-4m/MBQ-4M  4M  90x269cm 380cm
 MLG146-5m/MBQ-5M  5M  110x385cm 450cm
Item No. Picture Weight Size Material
 MLG146-3M 0.72kg  146*Ø1.9*4cm  Alumium
 MLG146-4M 0.95kg 146*Ø1.9*4cm Alumium
MLG146-5M 1.00kg 146*Ø2.4*4cm Alumium
 MBQ-3M 0.27kg 113×2.5×2.5cm Fiberglass Pole
MBQ-4M 0.65kg 113×3.2×3.2cm Fiberglass Pole
MBQ-5M 0.79kg 113×3.6×3.6cm Fiberglass Pole
MBQ-6M 1.4kg 115x5x5cm Fiberglass Pole
Item No. Picture Weight Size Material
 MBS1(A1) 1.2kg 63.5*6*4cm  Ø12mm  Iron
MBS2(A2) 1.8kg 63.5*7*4cm  Ø18mm Iron
MBSG-750 1.6kg 75*1.6*3.2cm EF Spray
MBS3(B1) 3.6kg 65*8*8cm Iron
MBS4(B2) 4.26kg 70*4*8cm Iron