Flags of the World: Dominica

Although the flag of Dominica was adopted on November 3, 1978, it has since gone through quite a few changes. Today, the Dominica flag features a green background with a yellow, black, and white cross through the center of the flag. A Sisserou parrot is centered in the cross in the middle of the Dominica national flag.

The cross itself is representative of the Trinity of Christianity, which is the official religion of the island. The colors in the cross are meaningful as well. The yellow stripes represent the abundant sunshine in Dominica, but this color is also known to represent agriculture, since citrus and bananas are popular crops. This color even represents the Carib and Arawak people.

The white stripes symbolize the noble aspirations of the people and the fertile soil that can be found throughout Dominica. The green background represents the rich vegetation and land.

Not only is the Sisserou parrot the national bird of Dominica, on the flag, it also symbolizes reaching for greater heights and aspirations. The ten green stars surrounding the parrot represent the ten parishes that form the Commonwealth of Dominica. Even the red disk has meaning. It symbolizes justice.

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