Flags of the World: Dominican Republic

After gaining independence from Haiti, the Dominican Republic adopted its official flag on November 6, 1844. The most striking feature of the Dominican Republic flag is the white cross that goes from side to side and top to bottom with the national coat of arms situated in the center. Blue and red rectangles alternate around the flag.

The color scheme was borrowed from the Haiti flag. The blue color represents the clear sky, which brings a sense of freedom and liberty. Red represents bloodshed and the patriotic spirit during the fight for independence. White symbolizes peace and dignity, while the cross represents faith, honor, and pride.

The coat of arms utilizes these three colors as well. The Dominican Republic flag features a shield that is draped with a flag, a Bible, and a cross. Both an olive branch and palm branch are featured on the coat of arms on either side of the shield. Ribbons of text can also be found on the coat of arms which state “Dios, Patria, Libertad” which means “God, Fatherland, Liberty” and “Republica Dominicana” which means “Dominican Republic.”

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