Flags of the World: Faroe Island

The Faroe Island flag is also known as Merkio which means “the mark” or “the banner.” It keeps with the tradition of Nordic crosses that was established with the Denmark flag. For this reason, the flag of Faroe Islands shares similarities with the Iceland and Norway flags too.

The Faroe Island flag features a cross situated from left to right on the flag. The primary color of the cross on the flag is red and it is outlined in blue, which represents colors used in the orthodox Faroese headband. The background of the flag is white, which represents the clean sky and froth of the waves that clash against the islands’ shores.

Students in Copenhagen originally designed the flag of Faroe Islands in 1919 and it was first used during a marriage ceremony. The Faroe Island flag began to be informally used in 1931, and eventually British authorities annexed the territory and requested that ships in the area use the flag, so the flag was formally adopted on April 25, 1940.

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