Flags of the World: Finland

Although some of the other European flags are much older, the Finland flag was only first designed in 1917 when Finland gained independence. Additional designs continued throughout the 20th century with one variant being adopted as recently as the 1970s.

The design of Finland’s flag is fairly simple and reminiscent of other flags that belong to countries in the area. It features a blue cross, which is reminiscent of the Nordic cross. It is affectionately referred to as “Siniristilippu” in the Finnish language.

The color of the cross represents the lakes and skies in Finland. The white background is representative of the snowy landscape that can even occur during the summer months.

Additional designs on Finland’s flag include a coat of arms in the center of the cross and the cross of liberty in the upper left hand corner of the flag. Some variants even have a pointed edge on the right hand side of the flag.

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