New 5ft x 8ft Flag Double Sided 3 Layers

Our 5ft. x 8ft. double sided with blockout flag is the largest flag you can custom design with us online. It can have a huge impact both indoors and out because it is made out of knitted polyester and UV protective inks. Because it is made out of high-quality materials, it can withstand challenging weather conditions. It can also be washed and ironed.

When you design your flag, you will start with a plain white background. However, the background color, as well as the design and logos you choose, can be completely customized to meet your needs.

This flag is only printed on one side, allowing the image to show in reverse on the other side. Because only a single piece of material is used, it is lightweight and flaps easily in the breeze.

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•    5ft. x 8ft. flag
•    Direct printing technique with a full range of colors
•    Knitted polyester and UV protective inks
•    Double Sided 3 Layers with blockout
•    One layer of fabric
•    Many different fixture options

5ft x 8ft Flag Double Sided 3 Layers

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