Flags of the World: Ghana

The Ghana flag is designed like many other flags around the world in that it contains three horizontal stripes of color. It also contains the traditional Pan-African colors of red, yellow, and green. What sets the Ghanaian flag apart from all the others is a single five-pointed black star in the center of the flag.

Even if many other countries in Africa use the same colors, the colors have their own special meaning in Ghana. Red represents the revolutionary spirit, gold symbolizes the abundant minerals found in the area, and green represents the lush greenery of Ghana.

While stars on other flags may be yellow or white, the Ghanaian flag has a single black star. This feature represents the emancipation of the nation, as well as unity and the patriotic spirit during the struggle against colonialism. The star originates from the flag of a shipping line called the Black Star Line. This feature of the flag continues to inspire, as the football team in Ghana is called the Black Stars.

Originally adopted in 1957, the Ghanaian flag has undergone a few different changes. The Ghana national flag we see today was adopted in 1966.

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