Flags of the World: Gibraltar

No other flag in the world is as eye-catching as the flag of Gibraltar. The background consists of two horizontal bands of color in white and red. The upper band of white is quite a bit larger than the smaller red band below. But, these features aren’t what make this flag so unique.

Sitting on top of the large white horizontal stripe is a two-tiered castle with three towers. This castle represents the fortress of Gibraltar. A single golden key hangs from the bottom of the middle tower, which represents the strategic position the country of Gibraltar occupies at the gateway to the Mediterranean.

The background colors are meaningful as well. The white stripe represents peace and harmony, while the red stripe represents the revolutionary spirit of the people of Gibraltar.

The current version of the flag was adopted in the 1980s, but it is actually an elongated version of the coat of arms of Gibraltar. It was first adopted as the official ensign of Gibraltar all the way back in 1502.

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