Flags of the World: Greece

The Greece flag incorporates many design details. It includes both horizontal stripes and a cross. What holds the flag together is the use of only two colors.

The majority of the Greece national flag is comprised of nine horizontal stripes in blue and white. These stripes are thought to represent the syllables in the Greek saying, “Freedom or Death” or “Eleftheria I Thanatos” in Greek. They also represent the nine letters in the Greek word for “freedom” which is “eleftheria” in Greek. They also stand for the traditional nine Greek muses.

A blue cross on a white background is located in the upper left hand corner of the flag. This cross represents Eastern Orthodox Christianity, which is the primary religion of Greece.

The colors are meaningful as well. These colors have represented Greece for a very long time as they have been associated with many Greek gods and goddesses. The history of the Greek flag itself dates as far back as 1822. The most recent version of the flag was adopted in 1978.

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