Get Their Attention with Printed Table Throws

Our customers tell us attendees at their events often ask about the printed table throws. They want to know where they can get them for their next event.

Now you know. The Flag Makers makes table coverings too!

  • Make your tables stand out and get noticed
  • Add some flare to an otherwise ugly trade show table
  • Make sure everyone who sees your tables knows who you are

There are dozens of great reasons to use printed table throws, but there’s only one place you should get them: The Flag Makers!

printed table throw

Printed Table Throws – Loose or Convertible

Here’s something really cool: our convertible printed table throws fit an eight-foot table to the T, but they’ll fit a six-footer as well. You can even use it as a loose throw or as a fitted cover on a six-foot table!

Are you ready to get maximum attention at your next event? Do you want to go over the top for a family or other gathering?

Here’s how to get started:

Request a custom quote or call The Flag Makers (303) 634 2272.