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Flag Care

Store your flags in a well ventilated area, away from any harsh chemicals or cleaning compounds. If your flag gets wet, don’t pack it away for storage until it is completely dry. Wet folds can cause permanent creases. In addition, dampness ruins fabric and causes mildew. 

Pole care is also related to flag care. Rust and scale can cause permanent stains on a flag. Some metallic oxides can even eat holes in fabric.

  • Always ensure the flag, when hoisted on a flagpole, cannot flap against another object, like the corner of a house, roof, support wire, etc.
  • To extend the life of your flag, take the flag down at dusk each day and re-hoist it in the morning.
  • When expecting storms or high winds, always remove the flag from the flag pole and store it indoors.
  • Choose the right flag material to suit your needs. For example, flags made of bunting material are more suited to areas where high or consistent winds are experienced. Flags made of polyester material, because of their light weight, will generally fly better where breezes are consistently calm.