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Flag Life

How long will my flag last?

The answer to this question is much more difficult to answer than you might expect. Accurately predicting how long a flag will last is a bit like predicting long-term weather forecasts. How long a flag lasts depends on many factors.

Wind, water, sun, and carelessness (the single greatest cause of flag deterioration) can all reduce the lifespan of your flag. Unfortunately, the weather is out of your hands, but you can do a few things to take care of your flag and lengthen its life.

Occasional washing in warm water with a mild-detergent will prevent dirt and pollutants from deteriorating the fabric. To prevent mildew, let your flag dry thoroughly before storing it, and have your flag repaired at the first sign of fraying. Don't wait for your flag to be torn to shreds!

Flying the flag day and night will shorten the life of your flag. If you want your flag to last longer, consider flying it during the day and storing it safely inside at night.

Our flags are manufactured to provide the longest lifespan possible with the right care. But remember, no two flags receive identical wear, even if they are made of the same high-quality materials. Because weather conditions vary, wearing conditions vary, and consequently, the life of each flag is different.

The best way to stretch your "flag dollar" is to have three flags: One flying, one in the wash, and a clean one in reserve for special occasions.