Beach Flags - Feather Flags

Looking for a new way to advertise at your next business event or conference? Why not try one of our beach flags?

Beach flags can create a dynamic effect for both interior and exterior displays, helping to give your business an edge when compared to competitors.

The beach flag package comes as a complete set, consisting of sectioned and flexible aluminum poles, a base of your choice, and a digitally-printed custom flag. You can choose whether you want the flag to be single or double-sided, and you can completely customize the design and style of your beach flags.

Beach flags come in 3 common sizes, listed below:

Pole size 5m with flag size 80cm x 400cm

Pole size 4m with flag size 70cm x 300cm

Pole size 3m with flag size 65cm x 200cm

You can choose between our digital print or screen print - it is entirely up to you! Every flag we make is manufactured to the highest standard of quality, and is specially treated to always maintain the perfect color.

Our flags are also waterproof, so you can wash them as needed.

Our digital dye printing and screen printing options result in excellent color matching to produce deep, rich color contrast, however screen printing is typically the best choice for longer runs.

You can see our selection of sizes below to help you decide which would best suit your needs.

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We offer 2 different types of bases for your beach flags:



in ground spike

4 leg stand



Each beach flag comes with a complete set, which includes 1 flag, 1 pole, 1 base, and 1 carrying case.





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Customer Testimonials

"I received the flags yesterday and I have to tell you I couldn't be more happy with the result. It took a long time to come to realization but the finished product is absolutely perfect. I can't fine the adequate words to thank you and your very talented crew. I know this one had to be hard for you to produce."
T.L."Tim" Cable
California USA

"The flags arrived. They look GREAT!  The price was right and the delivery time was the best.  Thank you for your help.  I will talk to the other club members and see if they would like to order some more, Thanks again, I would highly recommend your company to anyone."
David Kornell
Kelowna BC Canada

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