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Display Your Logo Front and Center with Fitted Elastic Table Covers

Your logo is what really sets you apart from others, and it’s how people recognize your products and services. There are few things more important to your business, so making sure it’s showcased front and center at your next event is absolutely essential.

Not all table covers can provide you with exposure on the front of the table, but our fitted elastic table covers can! Because they stretch all the way to the floor, you can blow up and display your logo on the front of the cover, encouraging potential customers and clients to visit your booth at your next big event.

Easy to Set up and Even Easier to Maintain

You don’t want a cover that takes time or is difficult to set up. Our fitted elastic table covers are neither. Because they are specially made to fit your table, it only takes minutes to create an eye-catching display.

Not only are our covers easy to set up, they’re easy to maintain. After a long day at a trade show or other large event, you don’t want to have to spend extra time packing it away and washing it. The fitted elastic table covers at The Flag Makers are wrinkle resistant, so they can easily be packed in a bag or a box, and they’re waterproof, so they can be wiped clean.

We even offer multiple backs so you can store boxes under your table! Fill out our convenient online form and we’ll show you how we can make your design ideas a reality.

Type Table Covers Size Material Printing Method Coverage
Stretch Table Cover Table Size: 6ft

Table Covers Size:
79″ X 109″

300D Polyester Dye Sublimation Printing Full Coverage(4-sided)
160g Twill Polyester
Back with Hallow-out Wrinkle FREE 300D Polyester Economical Coverage (3-sided back with hallow-out)
Tabe Size: 8ft

Table Cover Size:
79″ X 133″

Wrinkle FREE and Flame-Retardant 300D polyester
Back with Zipper 240g Soft Knitted Full Coverage (table covers back with zipper)
Wrinkle FREE, Water Proof, Oil Proof, Stained-Resistant 300D Polyester


Size:79″ x 109″


Size:79″ x 133″