Flag Care – Looking After Your Flag!

Best Flag Materials & Dyes

Here at The Flag Makers, we take pride in the high quality materials and printing processes that we use to manufacture our flags. We use only the best flag materials and dyes that modern technology has to offer.


Flags and banners can take a beating

It is important to remember that flags and banners – especially flags flown outside – can become dirty and faded over time. Ultraviolet (UV) rays and regular battering by winds can break down fibers in the material – this is especially critical on the sewn edges.

When you see fraying beginning to occur on an edge, flag first-aid is in order. A repair will help keep your flag in service longer. By learning to properly care for your custom flags and banners you can extend the life of your products and save money.

Moreover, your flag or banner will maintain that crisp, new appearance far longer.

Here is how to get the best use from your custom flags and banners

To get the most out of your flag, follow these guidelines. Ask a flag expert, should you have questions.

Proper care and treatment can quadruple the life expectancy of your custom flags and banners. Consider getting multiple flags for each application. That will allow you to rotate which is flown and always have a clean flag ready to go when that special appearance is needed.

  • Always bring your flag or banner inside when strong winds are anticipated.
  • Flags flown on standard poles will typically last much longer than flags flown high above ground.
  • The lifespan of a flag is directly related to flying time. A flag that flown day and night will not last as long as a flag that flown from sunrise to sundown.
  • Use flag clips to keep the flag from wrapping around the pole. Likewise, don’t place the flag where it will beat against any other object.
  • Wash your flags and banners as needed to keep them fresh. Dry completely before folding.


Your flags and banners say much about you, your organization, and your business. Consider them part of your professional wardrobe … for that is what they are.