Custom Pennant Flags

Dye Sublimation - Single sided or Double sided

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Get Noticed with Custom Pennant Flags

Whether you want sports fans to make a statement in the stands at the next game or you are looking for a unique way to promote your brand at an outdoor event, The Flag Makers has custom pennant flags that are perfect for your business, company, or organization. You can decorate your polyester pennants with any logo, team mascot, message, or colors you want, which means you’ll find tons of ways to use your pennants!

Custom pennant flags are all in the details

Pennant flags are a popular item, and it’s easy to see why. Their classic shape makes them stand out at any event, especially if they are customized with bright colors and eye-catching designs. Because they are popular, you can find a wide variety of polyester pennants on the market. But, none of them compare to the custom pennant flags that are available at The Flag Makers.

We don’t limit your design options, but our customization process goes much further than that. You can personalize nearly every aspect of your flag which includes:

  • Custom Sizes: We do offer a variety of standard-sized polyester pennants, but we can also customize them in any size to suit your needs. Think smaller pennants for outside a storefront and bigger pennants for a college football game.
  • Single and Double Sided: Single sided flags are an affordable option. The image shows in reverse on the opposite side of the flag. Double sided flags feature a unique design on each side, with a third layer in between to prevent transfer to the other side.
  • Multiple Printing Options: Dye sublimation is perfect when recreating full-color images and pictures, while screen printing is great for simple designs and logos. Dye sublimation is a great choice for smaller orders, while screen printing offers the best value for large orders.
  • Material Choice: Polyester pennants are the most popular, because they can withstand inclement weather. However, we also have other material options that include nylon, depending on how you choose to use your flags.
  • Variety of Accessories: We even allow you to choose from a wide variety of accessories that include grommets, a fabric sleeve, rope and clips, and a plain heat-cut edge. That way, you can choose the accessory that will enable you to hang your custom pennant flags however you want.

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Creating the perfect design

We make sure the quality of our polyester pennants is beyond compare, but we take things one step further by making sure you have the support you need to create the perfect design. We can recreate a design that you have already created yourself, but we can also provide you with design services.

The first step is to send us any images you would like to incorporate into the design. If you have any  ideas, you can tell us when you send us the images. We can even convert your images for free to ensure they will look great when printed on your custom pennant flags.

Based on those images and your ideas, one of our professional designers will go to work creating your pennants. Our team has years of experience and is knowledgeable in the area of effective flag design, so it’s like hiring a professional graphic designer to create the perfect image for your business when you work with us.

When the design is complete, we will send you a free proof. You can make any changes you want. We will only print your design when it has been approved by you.

Once complete, you have full ownership of the image, even if we created it for you. That means you can use your new design on stationary, promotional products, business cards, and much more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most frequently asked flag questions

What are the standard sizes for custom pennant flags?

As a custom flag maker, we can make your custom pennant flags in any size! Therefore, we don’t really have any standard sizes. All you have to do is tell us what size you want, and we’ll make it happen.

If you aren’t sure what size to order, let us know what you’ll be using the pennants for, and we can provide you with a professional recommendation. For example, polyester pennants that will be used on a boat are generally 12 inches by 18 inches. If you plan to use the pennant on a home or a business, we would recommend a larger size of 3 feet by 5 feet.

What is the difference between polyester and nylon?

For the most part, you won’t notice a huge difference in the way polyester looks and feels when compared to nylon, but you will notice a difference in longevity. Polyester is designed to last a lot longer than nylon. As a matter of fact, we only recommend nylon if you’re planning on using your flag indoors, as it doesn’t stand up to the weather very well.

Many flag makers are moving away from nylon and no longer offer it as an option because of its cost and poor durability. However, we like to give our clients as many options as possible, so we continue to offer this traditional flag material!

Is there a minimum order for pennant flags?

Whether a minimum order is required will depend on the size of your flags. There is no minimum order for custom pennant flags that are 2 feet by 3 feet or larger. Any size smaller than that and there’s a minimum order requirement of at least 25 units. Because we customize our production process to meet your needs, it’s important that the cost of the flags covers the time it takes to configure our machines for your design.

Keep in mind, the more flags you order, the cheaper the final cost. The most time consuming part of creating polyester pennants is setting up the manufacturing process, so the more designs you can print using that process, the more you’ll save!

What are some ways I can save money when ordering polyester pennants?

If you have your heart set on a very specific flag, the best way to save is to buy more. No matter what the materials, design, or shape, all of our flag products cost less when you have more manufactured.

If there is some flexibility when it comes to size, material, printing process, and other details, we can recommend cost-saving solutions. You may be able to enjoy significant savings if you reduce the size of your flags, or if you choose screen printing for a bulk order.

If you have a budget in mind, let us know when you’re in the process of designing your custom pennant flags, and we’ll provide you with recommendations that can reduce costs.

What are my shipping options?

Standard shipping is done through FedEx. However, we do offer other options. If you have a very large order, or you need your flags delivered quickly, we can make a different recommendation. Just let us know if you need your polyester pennants quickly and we can provide you with additional options from carriers that include:

  • UPS
  • DHL Express
  • USPS
  • TNT

How will my pennants be packaged?

All flags that are at least two feet by three feet will be packaged individually in their own clear packets. Flags smaller than this size will be packaged in packs of five.

Want smaller flags packaged individually? We can do that too! You just have to let us know that you would like each pennant to be packaged in its own clear packet. You’ll pay the same price, whether every pennant is wrapped individually or in groups.

How will I know if the colors in my images will match the colors on the pennant?

We know that digital files can be misleading. Colors look a little different on every monitor, which is why we provide you with the exact colors being used when we send your digital print. We print using PMS colors (Pantone Solid Coated), so there will be absolutely no color surprises when you get your pennants. We’re so confident that we will get your colors exactly right that we guarantee it!

Do custom pennant flags require special care to keep them looking like new?

Our printing processes do more than just print your image on the surface—the ink is actually infused into the material. That means no special care is required to keep the image on your custom pennant flags looking like new.

Durable polyester and heavy-duty stitching enable our pennants to fly outside. If your flag does get a little dirty, it’s best to wash it by hand with a mild soap.

Are your free estimates exact, or will there be additional charges on the final bill?

There are absolutely no additional charges on your bill. We will set up your image for free, and we will provide you with a free proof. The only costs involved in your order are the flags themselves and shipping. We will provide you with the costs of both upfront so there are no unpleasant surprises when you receive the final bill.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We proudly accept all major credit cards. We are also happy to accept bank ACH transfers, and we even accept checks. Purchase orders are also accepted, if you’re purchasing custom pennant flags for a business or organization.