Stretch Table Top Covers

Stretch Table Top Covers
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Streamline Your Display with Elastic Table Top Covers

Sometimes, simplicity is best. Not every event and not every brand requires a large, bulky display. If simplicity and minimalism are your company’s mottos, or if you’re planning an event where you won’t have a lot of space, elastic table top covers provide the perfect solution.

Instead of extending all the way down to the ground like a traditional cover, a table top cover clings to the top of the table, leaving the area around the legs open. These covers come in multiple sizes in both rectangular and circular shapes that will fit any table.

Prevent Trips, Falls, and Blowing in the Wind

There’s no doubt that traditional tablecloths are a great promotional item, but they aren’t perfect for every situation. This is definitely the case in small spaces and events that take place outdoors.

If you will have a small booth at a crowded event, and especially if you’re setting up a table without a booth at all, elastic table top covers will prevent people from accidentally tripping and falling over your display.

These table covers are perfect for the outdoors as well. Other tablecloths can shift and blow in the wind. Not only does this look unprofessional, but you could end up spending the day adjusting the tablecloth so that your logo displays properly. An elastic table top cover will never shift, ensuring it looks professional with very little fuss.

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Type Table Size(cm) Table Top Covers Size Material Printing Method
Rectangular 6ft 40.8″ x 68.8″ 180g Stretch Polyester Dye Sublimation Printing
8ft 40.8″ 96″
  Round 81cm H:74cm/110cm 96cm x 96cm
60cm H:74cm 78cm x 78cm
95cm H:73cm 111cm x 111cm