Coat of Arms Flags

Full Color Print - 100% Polyester - Family Crest Flags

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Capture Your Family’s History with Coat of Arms Flags

Coat of arms flags are more than just a flag—they can communicate your family’s entire history in a single image. We are certain that our family crest flags will quickly become a treasured family heirloom, not to mention an excellent conversation piece for your home. That’s because we go above and beyond to recreate each image clearly and vibrantly, so it commands attention, no matter where it is hung.

Locate your family’s coat of arms

Before you can create coat of arms flags, you have to know your family’s coat of arms! Don’t worry if you don’t know your family’s design, or if you don’t know if your family even has one!

Click here to search a giant database of images. Once you find your family’s image, all you have to do is download it and send it to us so it can be recreated on one of our family crest flags. Can’t find your family’s image? Not sure if the image you found when searching is the right quality or the right design?

Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask! Coat of arms designs are extremely popular here at the Flag Makers. We have acquired our own library of over two million images, so we may already have your family’s image on file.

In addition to helping you find your family’s image, we can also recreate any image that you may already have. If you have an existing coat of arms that you would like to use, or if you had a special family crest that was created just for you after a wedding or other special event, we can print it on one of our coat of arms flags.

Coat of Arms flag produced from The Flag Makers are:

• No minimum quantity
• 3′ x 5′ Standard or custom size
• Knitted polyester material
• Full color – dye sublimation
• 2 grommets standard
• Single sided or double sided

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Custom flag products

There are a lot of great reasons to order your flags from The Flag Makers. One is that we can recreate any image on any one of our flag products, but another reason is that we have so many products to choose from!

If you’re thinking about ordering coat of arms flags, you can order different products and styles that include:

The most important parts of the customization process may be your image and the flag product you choose, but there are many other ways for you to customize your coat of arms flags. You can choose between single and double sided designs, different fixtures, like grommets, and much more. Flag orders that fit your budget

Family crest flags are personalized for each family, and because of this, we understand that your order quantity may be low. We don’t have any minimum order for our crest flags, which means you can buy one as a gift, or you can buy a few to pass out at a family function. Being able to choose exactly how many flags you want to order will help you save money, but that isn’t the only way we can help you save a little cash. Depending on the size of your order and the details of your crest, we can recommend different printing processes and materials.

We can recommend different flag sizes and products too, depending on your budget. We guarantee that we have cheaper rates than our competitors. As a matter of fact, many of our products are a full 30-percent cheaper! To find out exactly how much your coat of arms flags will cost, drop us a line in our online form, or give us a call. Based on the specifics of your order, we will get you started with a free estimate!

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most frequently asked flag questions

Can coat of arms flags be flown outdoors?

Absolutely! We use the same durable materials on our coat of arms flags as we do with the rest of our outdoor flags. Our high-grade polyester materials are specially made to withstand the wind and rain.

With UV-resistant inks, our family crest flags will also remain vibrant, even when exposed to direct sunlight.

Are family crest flags packaged so they can be given as gifts?

Coat of arms flags are packaged individually in clear bags, enabling you to pass out the flags as individual gifts. We do not offer gift wrapping services, but you are welcome to wrap our flags to give away as gifts any way you like!

Many families find that our family crest flags make great wedding, anniversary, birthday, and Christmas gifts.

If I find my crest on the House of Names website linked above, do I have to purchase the image? Or do I just tell you which image I want from the website?

You do not have to purchase the image you want to use on your family crest flags. All you have to do is provide us with the link to the image you would like to use. We’ll make any purchases that are necessary in order to use the image. The only thing you have to pay for is the flag itself.

Can I put the flag in the washing machine?

Our coat of arms flags are designed to be machine washable. Our inks fully saturate the material, which means they cannot be washed out.

In addition, we utilize materials that can be ironed. That way, you can hang a wrinkle-free, professional- looking, clean flag on your wall, in the garden, and nearly anywhere else you want to display your family’s coat of arms.

Will you design a coat of arms for me, if I can’t find an image for my family?

Unfortunately, we do not have designers who are capable of designing a family crest. These images are very unique and include meaningful details that require the hand of a specialized graphic designer. In order for us to complete your order, you must provide us with an existing image.

Can I return my flags if I don’t like the way they look when they arrive in the mail?

We do not accept returns if you are unhappy with the design. That’s because we email free proofs. In order for your coat of arms flags to be printed, you must approve the layout. If you are unhappy with the proof, we will work with the design until you are happy with the final result.

Only after you have approved the image and processed the invoice will we send your flags to you. If you realize you are unhappy with the design, you will have to purchase a new flag.

How quickly will my coat of arms flags arrive at my door?

After your artwork has been approved and payment has been processed, it will take 7-10 days for your flags to arrive on your doorstep. That includes both production and delivery times.

Can I put more than one design on my family crest flags?

You are welcome to put multiple designs on your family crest flags. Our innovative digital printing process means you are not limited to a certain kind of design or a certain number of colors. You can combine as many designs and colors as you want.

No matter what design or colors you choose, the cost is the same!

Can I order flags in shapes besides the standard rectangle?

As custom flag makers, we have the capability to create flags in nearly any shape, size, or style you can imagine. Just let us know what shape you have in mind when you place your order and we’ll create a free proof that utilizes that shape.

Not sure what shape to get? You can’t go wrong with the traditional rectangular shape. It is the most popular option for coat of arms flags.

What other fixture options are there besides grommets?

Grommets are a popular way to hang our family crest flags, but they aren’t the only option you have. In addition, you can create a design that features a sleeve pocket, rope and clips, or toggle and rope fixtures. Which fixture you choose will depend on how you plan to hang your flag.

Let us know how you want to hang your flag, and we can provide you with fixture recommendations.