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The message you want to get across to potential customers and clients is only as good as the flag that you print it on. Curvy flags may be the right choice in some applications, but if you really want to get noticed, choose rectangular banner flags with sharp angles.

Display banner flags aren’t really all that uncommon, and most people are used to seeing banners with smooth lines. They’ll really be surprised to see such a boxy banner flag, prompting them to come in for a closer look!

Use your new rectangular banner flag nearly anywhere

Flags that can only be used indoors are useless if you ever want to use your flag outside. At The Flag Makers, we create banner flags that can be used indoors and out. We use high-quality materials, dependable printing methods, and sturdy bases to ensure that your flag flies no matter what the weather.

Because our flags can be used nearly anywhere, we make sure that they’re easy to transport. The flag poles and bases can be broken down and placed in a convenient carrying case, and the flag itself can easily be folded up and stored when not in use.

Upload your own artwork

It’s so easy to have a custom flag made by The Flag Makers, no matter what your image looks like! Simply upload it with your information and we’ll provide you with a free estimate.

If you don’t have an existing design, no problem! We can help with that too. Just ask us about our free custom design services!

Pole Size Flag Size Total Height
MLG0.7M+3M 70x180cm 310cm
MLG0.7M+4M 70x260cm 410cm
MLG0.7M+5M 70x380cm 510cm
Item No. Picture Weight Size Material
 MLG0.7M+3M 1.12kg (3M+0.7M)*Ø1.9cm  Alumium
 MLG0.7M+4M 1.26kg (4M+0.7M)*Ø1.9cm Alumium
ML0.7M+-5M 1.79kg (5M+0.7M)Ø2.4cm Alumium
Item No. Picture Weight Size Material
 MBS1(A1) 1.2kg 63.5*6*4cm  Ø12mm  Iron
MBS2(A2) 1.8kg 63.5*7*4cm  Ø18mm Iron
MBS3(B1) 3.6kg 65*8*8cm Iron
MBS4(B2) 4.26kg 70*4*8cm Iron