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Signage is important to any business. Whether you’re looking for an interesting way to advertise the latest sale at your brick and mortar store or you’re packing up a few of your things and traveling to a tradeshow, displaying your logo or image will surely get you noticed.

Instead of choosing big, bulky displays, choose blade feather flags from The Flag Makers. Our flags have a streamlined appearance and a small footprint, making them the perfect choice for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor events.

Multiple styles and sizes to choose from

Here at The Flag Makers, we want to make sure that you get the exact flag that you want. That means allowing you complete control over the customization process.
Not only can we print a custom logo or image on our sturdy flags, you are also able to customize the look of your blade feather flag. Styles include:

  • Blunt bottom angle
  • Curved convex bottom
  • Curved concave bottom
  • Square bottom angle

Create a brand new design

Setting up a flag is a great way to get noticed, but only if the image on the flag is worth noticing! We can definitely recreate your existing image or logo on any of our flag products, but we can also create a brand new design just for you from the ground up. The best part is, our custom design service is completely free!

Wondering how much our blade feather flags cost? Because our products are so customizable, we offer free estimates! Just fill out our custom form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

Pole Size Flag Size Standing Height With Stand
9.8ft 6.5ft 8.5ft
13ft 9.8ft 12.4ft
16.4ft 13ft 14.7ft
19.6ft 14.7ft 18.3ft
Item No. Picture Weight Size Material
 MLG146-9.8ft 0.72kg  146*Ø1.9*4cm  Alumium
 MLG146-13ft 0.95kg 146*Ø1.9*4cm Alumium
MLG146-16.4ft 1.00kg 146*Ø2.4*4cm Alumium
 MBQ-9.8ft 0.27kg 113×2.5×2.5cm Fiberglass Pole
MBQ-13ft 0.65kg 113×3.2×3.2cm Fiberglass Pole
MBQ-16.4ft 0.79kg 113×3.6×3.6cm Fiberglass Pole
MBQ-19.6ft 1.4kg 115x5x5cm Fiberglass Pole
Item No. Picture Weight Size Material
 MBS1(A1) 1.2kg 63.5*6*4cm  Ø12mm  Iron
MBS2(A2) 1.8kg 63.5*7*4cm  Ø18mm Iron
MBS3(B1) 3.6kg 65*8*8cm Iron
MBS4(B2) 4.26kg 70*4*8cm Iron