Advertising Tents

Special Designed Advertising Tents

There are so many great ways to advertise, whether you find yourself indoors or outdoors. However, some advertising methods are more eye-catching than others. If you really want to define your space and get noticed, you need to take your pick between the two advertising tents we offer at The Flag Makers.
There’s no doubt that advertising tents are perfect when used outdoors, but they are great when used indoors as well! Our sturdy tents are a great way to advertise at trade shows, craft fairs, and more.

Multiple Styles To Choose From

Every single business is different. Shouldn’t your advertising materials be just as unique as you are? At The Flag Makers, that means starting with your choice of:
• Hex-frame tents: Utilizes hexagon-shaped aluminum
• Square-frame tents: Utilizes square-shaped aluminum
Once you’ve chosen the frame you want, you can then choose from different shapes, sizes, and even different ways to showcase your logo or image on the frame!

Get Creative With Your Display

You can use an existing image or logo on your new tent. If you need a little help, we’re happy to provide you with free design services. However, you can get even more creative with the display on your advertising tent.

Consider using a fabric panel to feature your slogan, print your contact information on the backside of the tent, or showcase pictures of your products. The possibilities are endless!

Need a little help figuring out which tent or advertising method is right for your business and your next event? Contact us today and we’ll provide you with our expert advice and a free estimate!