Custom Bannerettes

Dye Sublimation - Fringes - Tassels

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Make a Lasting Impression with Custom Bannerettes

Custom bannerettes are a classic and classy way to decorate lecterns, adorn podiums, and more, especially when you order your next podium banner from The Flag Makers. With a state-of-the-art dye sublimation printing process, eye-catching fringe, and the ability to customize nearly every detail of your order, you can get the kind of lectern banner that makes a lasting first impression with clients, customers, and event attendees.

Personalization options that go beyond your image

The most obvious way we personalize our custom bannerettes is by integrating your image into the design. Whether it’s a logo, text, or a full-color image, you can bet that we know how to modify it to provide you with a professional, finished-looking podium banner.

However, our personalization options go well beyond your custom image! There are a wide variety of ways you can customize your lectern banner that include:

  • Choose from standard flag sizes that include 8"x6"or 8"x12"
  • Customize the hanging pole
  • Choose from different colored fringes and tassels
  • Choose from a few different mounting options
  • Customize the material that’s used
  • Custom orders start with a minimum of 25 pieces

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Free Artwork Proofs

You never have to worry about making the wrong design choice, because we have manufactured tens of thousands of flags since we opened our doors in 2005. Based on your design requests, we’ll provide you with a free proof, so you can see exactly how your choices will appear on your bannerette. If a design detail you’ve chosen won’t work, we’ll provide you with alternate options that will work better. We can even modify your design to help it fit into your budget!

Custom bannerettes that are all about the details

Although a printed flag or banner may just seem like a piece of fabric with something printed on the surface, it’s much more than that. It’s an item that can enhance your business’s bottom line, bring more meaning to nearly any awards ceremony, and when designed correctly, it can even become a family or company heirloom. That’s the kind of podium banner we’re dedicated to designing and manufacturing at The Flag Makers.

Our custom bannerettes are all about the details like:

  • Full color dye sublimation process for vivid, crisp images
  • Choose from accessories like poles, fringes, and tassels
  • Heat-cut edges for a clean, professional look
  • A satin material choice that provides the bannerette with a silky finish

When a lectern banner is created with these kinds of details in mind, you can bet that it will last a lot longer than other banners. With the right care, our bannerettes can adorn podiums, desks, and walls for many years to come without them looking any worse for wear.

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So many ways to display your bannerettes proudly

Traditionally, custom bannerettes are used as a podium banner or a lectern banner. They are a great way to enhance graduation ceremonies, award ceremonies, and nearly any event where everyone’s attention is focused on a single person.

There are many other wonderful ways to use our custom bannerettes! They are a great way to decorate for nearly any kind of convention or presentation, but they don't have to hang on the podium. Instead, consider hanging your bannerettes on the wall in a banquet room, or use them to decorate the walls in the office.

Bannerettes can be a great way to promote your business too! Special awards can be printed on our banners and hung inside your storefront, they can decorate trade shows, and they can make great handouts and awards themselves. Because our custom bannerettes are so high-quality, they can even be sold in a gift shop!

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most frequently asked flag questions

Do I have to order satin, or are there other material choices?

There are other material choices besides satin. Satin is by far the best-looking material for custom bannerettes, but you have a wide range of material options. They include:

  • 100D Polyester
  • 200D Polyester
  • 250g Blackout Material
  • Nylon

The material you choose can greatly affect the way your image appears on your podium banner. If you would like to see the differences between these materials for yourself, contact us, and we’d be happy to mail you a sample book.

In addition to showing you the differences between each material type, the sample book also shows you printing quality, so you know exactly how your image will appear on the material you choose.

What colors do the tassels and fringe come in?

Color choices include:

  • Yellow Gold
  • Dark Blue
  • White
  • Black
  • Dark Red
  • Green

Our tassel and fringe colors are specially designed to give your lectern banner a professional appearance. Choose a color that matches one of the colors in your design for a complementary look. If you aren’t sure what color to choose, you can’t go wrong with white for light colored designs or black for darker colored designs.

Are there different ways I can hang my custom bannerettes besides using a pole?

The most popular way to hang custom bannerettes is to use a wooden pole. This display option ensures your bannerette remains smooth and straight, no matter where it is hung.

However, we can also finish your lectern banner with eyelets or rope loops. These options are a good choice for those who want a bit more movement to their banner, those who want to make sure their banner hangs straight, or for those who want their podium banner to look unique when displayed.

How will I know what my bannerettes are going to look like before they’re printed?

The first step is sending us your artwork. We accept a wide variety of file formats, and we can even convert your image for free!

Based on your images and your design requests, our skilled design team will create a custom digital proof. That proof will be sent to you, and it will include the Pantone colors that will be used to recreate your image.

Once you receive your free proof, you can make as many changes as you want. You can request different Pantone colors, you can alter the layout of your images, and you can tweak the images themselves. Your lectern banner will not be sent to our printers until you have approved every detail.

How much do custom bannerettes cost?

We do not list prices on our website. Custom orders mean custom pricing, so no price we list on our website would be accurate. However, we strive to provide upfront, honest pricing with no hidden costs. You can learn more about our pricing philosophy here.

The size of your custom bannerettes and the quantity of your order are just a few examples of details that can affect the final cost of your bannerettes. Simply take a moment to fill out our online form, tell us more about your order, and we can provide you with a free estimate. You can even provide us with your budget, and we’ll do whatever we can to price your project accordingly!

Can I wash my bannerettes?

It’s best to wash your custom bannerettes by using a damp cloth to wipe away stains and spots. Our printing process allows for the ink to fuse with the material, so wiping will not affect the quality of the image. However, machine washing is not recommended. A trip through the washing machine will leave your podium banner looking worn and tired.

If your lectern banner develops creases, a quick press using an iron on low heat can smooth it out again.

Can I get a discounted price with a bulk order?

Absolutely! As a matter of fact, we recommend it, if you’re considering stocking up on a certain design. Savings start at around 100 pieces, but it can depend on the details of your particular order. Additional discounts come into effect with higher pricing tiers, so make sure you let us know you’re considering increasing your order size, and we can tell you how much you could save!

Can I order bannerettes in different shapes and sizes?

You name it, and we’ve done it! We have created custom bannerettes in countless shapes and sizes. From simple squares to triangles and even curved shapes, all you have to do is tell us the shape you want and we can make it a reality. Although odd shapes take a bit longer to manufacture, every shape is possible when you order with The Flag Makers!

How will my custom bannerettes be packaged when they arrive on my doorstep?

We pack all of our custom bannerettes flat inside a box that is shipped via FedEx. We pack our bannerettes this way to ensure they stay flat after they are printed. This decreases the chance of creasing during transport so your podium banner can be removed from the box and used right away without any need for ironing before they are hung.