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Fitted Table Covers
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Choose Fitted Covers for a Streamlined Look

If you’ve ever used a one-size-fits-all table cover before, you know what a hassle they can be. They may make your table look better, but all that loose hanging fabric can be a tripping hazard, especially in a small space. You will likely have to spend time adjusting the cloth throughout the day, especially if you’re outside, and they can make storing boxes underneath the table a real pain. The perfect solution is fitted covers from The Flag Makers.

Our fitted covers provide a streamlined look with a seam that runs all the way around the edges of the table. This allows each side of the tablecloth to fall straight to the floor, eliminating tripping hazards and providing your table with a professional, finished appearance.

Store Items underneath the Table

One of the best things about our fitted covers is the fact that you can easily store items underneath the table. If you’re looking for a lot of storage space, order an open back. If you’d like to hide your items out of sight, choose a zipper back.

If you want people to be able to walk all the way around your table, we can help with that too! We also offer fitted covers with a closed back.

Type Table Covers Size Material Printing Method Coverage
Fitted Table Cover Table Size:
Table Covers Size:
88″ X 130″
300D Polyester Direct printing

Dye sublimation

Full Coverage(4-sided)
160g twill Polyester

Back with Hallow-out

Wrinkle-resistant 300D Polyester Dye sublimation Economical Coverage
(3-sided back with hallow-out)
Tabe Size:
Table Cover Size:
88″ X 154″
Wrinkle-resistant and
flame-retardant 300D polyester
Back with Zipper 240g Soft Knitted Full Coverage
(table covers back with zipper)
Wrinkle-resistant, water proof,
oil proof, stained-resistant 300D Oiktester


Size: 88″ x 130″

fitted table covers 6ft size


Size: 88″ x 154″

fitted table covers 8ft size