Custom Printed Hand Flags

Polyester - Paper - 100% Full Color Print

  • 25pcs minimum
  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, eps, ai, psd, Max. file size: 5 MB.

Have Fun at the Next Game with Custom Hand Flags

It’s easy to get into the competitive spirit with the custom hand flags from The Flag Makers! Our hand waver flags can be customized in a multitude of ways. Because there are so many ways to personalize your flags, they’re perfect for a wide variety of events. They’re a must at high school and college sports competitions, but they’re great for large outdoor events, they make great handouts, and more!

Many different details to choose from

Customizing hand waver flags with The Flag Makers means a lot more than just deciding what image you want to put on your flag. Nearly every aspect of your flag can be customized.

Details to choose from include:

  • 128g glossy paper flags have a shiny finish. Designs can be printed on the front and back for the same low price without the images bleeding through to the other side. A minimum order of 100 custom hand flags is required.
  • Polyester flags have a traditional, fabric flag look. To keep costs low, print on just one side. Otherwise, a three-layered flag can accommodate images on both sides of the flag. Order sizes start at just 25 custom hand flags.
  • Dye sublimation is available for detailed designs. There is no limit on the number of colors being used, making it a great choice for images and pictures.
  • Screen printing uses spot colors, making it a good option for simple designs and logos. The cost is dependent on the number of colors being used. It also provides the best value for large orders.

Poles come with all custom hand flags for convenient waving. You have the choice between plastic and wooden poles.

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That’s not all! We also offer hand waver flags in standard sizes that include:

  • 4in. x 6in.
  • 8in. x 12in.
  • 12in. x 18in.
  • 16in. x 24in.
  • 24in. x 36in.


If one of those sizes doesn’t work, just let us know. We’re happy to create a custom flag size just for you!

Receive your free proof

You deserve to receive the custom hand flags you thought you ordered. That’s why we send out free proofs. After receiving all the details of your order, we will send you a free digital proof that will show you exactly how your flags will look when they’re printed.

That way, you can make any tweaks before your hand waver flags get sent to production, and you can be 100-percent sure the flags that show up on your doorstep are the exact flags you designed.

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Professional flags from the experts

Customizing hand waver flags with The Flag Makers is a different experience compared to working with those other guys. We're proud to have highly skilled flag makers and experienced in-house designers on our team. We have been creating custom flags since 2005, but many members of our team have over 20 years of industry experience. We are passionate about creating the highest quality flags possible, and we’re also passionate about providing industry-leading customer service.

You won’t find prices on our website. There’s a reason for this. Although we understand that online prices can be quick and convenient, when it comes to custom items like the ones we offer, they are also misleading. One simple change, like switching from dye sublimation to screen printing, can end up saving you hundreds of dollars. Combine that possibility with all the other options you have when designing custom hand flags, and it’s easy to see how pricing can vary widely.

Instead, we offer free quotes. Based on the details of your particular order, we can tell you exactly how much it’s going to cost without worrying about any surprise charges when you get the bill. This kind of pricing also allows us to work within your budget. Simply tell us how much you’re willing to spend, and we can help you choose the most affordable options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most frequently asked flag questions

Can your custom hand flags be used outside?

Absolutely! However, you may want to consider the weather when ordering your custom hand flags.

Polyester flags are great in nearly any weather, including rain. The image won’t run, and the flag won’t be destroyed. Unfortunately, paper flags do not do well in the rain. The paper material gets soggy and will lose its shape.

If you want to make sure your hand waver flags can be flown outdoors in any weather, you will want to consider the polyester option over the paper option. If the flags will be used indoors, you can consider paper flags instead

Is there a cost difference between plastic poles and wooden poles?

There is no cost difference between our plastic poles and our wooden poles. We find that customers are split right down the middle when it comes to their choice. Some like the look of wood, especially if they want the flag to become a keepsake. Others prefer the smooth feel of plastic. You have the freedom to choose which pole you like the best based on its look, and not its cost, since we charge the same for both.

Can you help me if I’m not sure how I want the design on my flags to look?

We can definitely help you if you’re having a hard time settling on the design of your custom hand flags! Not only do we employ experienced flag printers, we also employee experienced flag designers. They understand what details make for a good flag design, and which ones don’t.

All you have to do is email us the design you want to incorporate along with any design ideas you might have. Based on that information, we’ll create a custom proof for you to review. If you have a sudden wave of inspiration after you get your initial proof, and there are tweaks you’d like to make, just let us know. When you’re finally happy with your proof, only then will we send your custom hand flags to production.

Can hand waver flags be ordered in any other shapes besides rectangles?

Definitely! When we say we’re custom flag makers, we mean it! Although the rectangular shape is the most popular when it comes to our hand waver flags, it isn’t your only choice. Triangles make really eye-catching custom hand flags, as do flags with multiple points. But, if you want a rounded hand flag, a square-shaped flag, or even a star-shaped flag, we can make it happen!

What is your return policy?

You have seven days after your custom hand flags are received to contact us with any issues. If the manufacturing process is at fault, we will remake your entire order free of charge. Unfortunately, we do not do refunds at this time.

We generally do not accept returns for design issues. Free proofs are provided to ensure you’re completely happy with the design, and you must okay that proof in order for us to continue with the manufacturing process. This process ensures design returns are exceptionally rare.

If you do realize you made a mistake and don’t like the design, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Although we will not reprint your flags free of charge, we can work with you to reduce the costs associated with a new design

When would you recommend glossy paper flags?

Glossy paper flags are the best choice if you want a double-sided flag design. Although double-sided designs can be created using polyester materials, it is costly, and they aren’t as easy to wave by hand, because they contain three layers of material.

Paper hand waver flags are also a great choice if you want to keep costs low, because they are some of the cheapest flags we offer. They’re also a fantastic choice for indoor events, because you don’t have to worry about them stuck in the rain.

When would you recommend polyester flags?

Polyester flags are a great choice if you want a single sided flag, with the reverse of the print showing through on the other side. They’re also a great choice if you want the flags to be used over and over again, if you want them to become a keepsake, or if you want to pass them out as giveaways or gifts.

Polyester hand waver flags are the best choice for outdoor events, because they won’t be damaged in the rain. In addition, they can be ordered with a 25-flag minimum, making them the best choice for small orders.

Are other materials available for custom hand flags?

As custom flag makers, we can make your hand flags in a wide variety of materials. However, glossy paper and polyester are the most common. They are generally the best choices for custom hand flags, because they are best for printing on a small surface area.

If you do have a different material in mind, just let us know. We can tell you how that material choice will affect your order, in regards its construction and its cost.

What’s the turnaround time on your custom hand flags?

We operate 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. That means we can turn around your custom hand waver flags fast! We only need 5 to 7 calendar days (not business days) for small orders of up to 2,000 pieces. We offer express shipping, so you may be able to get your flag order within the week!

Larger orders and specialty orders may require more time. We will provide you with a production time quote before you place your order so you know exactly what to expect.

Will you keep my order on file so I can order it again in the future?

It isn’t uncommon for our clients to want more of the same flag, or to put the same design on one of our other flag products. To make the process more convenient, we store all of the designs we create in our database so they can be used again and again.

We never charge setup fees, whether you’re creating a new design or you’re using an old design. We are also happy to email your artwork at any time. That way, you can file it in your own records. In addition, you have complete creative rights to use the design however you wish, which means you can use it on signs, stationary, promotional products, and much more!