Multiple materials available for hand flags

Hand flags, or mini flags, can be ordered with 128g glossy paper and polyester. Both materials offer superior hand waves, but each material provides a different look, based on the way the flags are printed.

128g glossy paper provides a shiny gloss look. Your design can be printed on the front and back of the flag for the same price as printing on just one side.

Polyester hand flags offer a more traditional look, since the flag has to be in motion in order to see the design. Polyester hand flags are normally printed one just one side, but that image will show through to the backside in reverse. You can print on both sides of a polyester flag so that the image shows true on each side, but it costs more. To save money, it’s best to choose the single sided flag.

What can be printed on hand flags?

The possibilities are endless because we use a digital printing technique called CMYK. You are only limited by your imagination!

When you choose 128g glossy paper, you can print two different designs on each side of the flag. However, a minimum run of 500 pieces is needed.

If you need a smaller order, we can run polyester flags at a minimum of 25 flags. No matter which material you choose, all hand flags come with hand poles.

Hand flags
glossy paper hand flags
Mini flags

Hand Flags Are Used For:

  • Promo Events
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Sporting Events
  • Elections
  • Personal Usage
  • Wholesale
  • Distributor Resale

Custom Hand Flag Specs:

  • Any size can be made
  • Inks and dyes UV protected
  • Digital print or Screen printed
  • Single sided or Double
  • (Polyesters or Paper)
  • PMS color matching

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Standard Sizes:
4in x 6in
8in x 12in
12in x 18in
16in x 24in
2′ x 3′

We can make any size hand flags you require.

Hand flags

Standard Materials

100D polyester

128g Glossy paper.

Printing Techniques
Two options dye sublimation and screen printing. We PMS color match.

Hand flags printed via our dye sublimation process removes all limitations. This process is best for complex designs.

Our screen printing technique is the best choice for simple designs and solid colors, giving you the best value on larger runs.

Single sided or Double sided.


Polyester or Nylon flags that are printed single sided have a 95-98% bleed on the reverse as is standard.


You have the option of double-sided with three layers, so the design will read correctly on both sides

Hand flags are finished with heat cut edges or with two rows of stitching.


Heat Cut

Hand flag poles can with either plastic poles or wooden poles.

Plastic Pole

Wooden Pole

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