Printed Car flags

Custom car flags can be either single-sided or double-sided. Double-sided flags are heavier, so we recommend that you use the 20″ stiff premium pole to properly secure the flag to your car when choosing a double-sided flag.

Common variations of car flags are:

  • Economy car flag – Single-sided 100D polyester, with either 17″ flexible car pole (Promo use)
  • Premium car flag – Single-sided knitted polyester, with a 20″ stiff car flag pole.
  • Premium car flag – Double-sided knitted polyester, with a 20″ stiff car flag pole.
Premium Car FlagPremium Car Flag
Promo Car FlagEco Car Flag
As you can see, there are several different variations of car flags and poles to choose from. You should always do some research to see which type will be the best choice for how you plan on using them.For promotional use, the economy single sided 100D polyester car flag with a 17″ flexible pole may be a better fit. For more frequent use, you may want to choose the premium single sided knitted polyester car flag with a 20″ stiff premium pole.


Car Flags are Used For:

  • Promotional Events
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Sporting Events
  • State and National Days
  • Personal Use
  • Business and Corporations
  • Distributor Resale

Product Specs On Our Car Flags:

  • 25 Car Flags Minimum
  • Standard Size 11″ x 15″
  • Inks and dyes UV protected
  • Dye sublimation or Screen printed
  • Single sided or Double sided
  • Options on Car Poles
  • Double stitched on 4 edges


Standard Sizes:

11″ x 15″


Standard Materials

200D Polyester most durable for outside use


100D Polyester



Printing Techniques
Two options dye sublimation and screen printing. We PMS color match.

Dye sublimation best for complex designs. Cost effective on some runs.


Screen printing technique is the best choice for simple designs with solid colors, giving you the best value on larger runs.


S/D sided

Single sided or Double sided.


Polyester or Nylon flags that are printed single sided have a 95-98% bleed on the reverse as standard.


You have the option of double sided 3 layers so the design will read correct on both sides.

Car Poles

Premium Car Flag

20" car pole
Promo Car Flag
17" car pole


Production Times

Size of order and print process will effect production times. Below are some examples.

25 car flags dye sub print process 5-7 days after approval of artwork (Calendar days)

100 car flags dye sub print process 12 days (Calendar days)

100 car flags screen printing 14 days (Calendar days)

Rush production is available.


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