Flag Fixtures for Hanging

Many To Choose - Select Correctly

Flag Fixtures

Choosing the correct equipment for your flag is extremely important. Choosing the right flag fixture can be the difference between a dull flying flag, and a flag that flies high with pride! The most commonly used fixture for a flag is called the eyelets/grommets fixtures, but there are additional flag fixtures you can choose from. Listed below is an inventory of our flag fixtures:



flag grommets and eyeletsThese are the most commonly used flag fixtures. They are placed on the hanging side of the flag, with one at the top and one at the bottom.

Rope and Clips


flag rope and clipsYou will then need to feed the rope through the bracket of the flag pole. This will be used to pull the flag up and down the flag pole as needed.
Rope and Clip is one of the strongest and easiest to attach to a flag pole line

Rope Loops


These are two looped pieces of heavy duty rope, which are attached to the hanging side of the flag and then used to attach the flag to the flag line.

Sleeve Pocket


Sleeves are common for hand flags. The pole can easily slide on, and the top of the flag is usually sewn together to prevent the flag from sliding down.
We also add a rope tie at the bottom to further secure the flag and prevent it from sliding off.

Rope and Toggle

The toggle goes in to a loop at the top of the flag pole, then the rope at the bottom of the flag attaches to the flag line to pull it tight.

Velcro Antenna Flags
Velcro strips male and female are sewn in to a header material to make a locking sleeve that will grip around an vehicle or boat antenna.

Golf Plastic Insert
A plastic hole pole is sewn into a sleeve of a golf flag so the flag can be placed onto a golf pin pole.

17″ Car Pole

This pole is the cheaper of the two poles available. You would use this car pole for promotional use’s, gives that kind of thing. Its not recommends for high way use.

20″ Car Pole

This pole is the best you can get, its more expensive but if you need double sided car flags and need them to go on highways you need this pole.