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Have Fun at Any Event with Custom Cape Flags

All of the flags on our website have different purposes, but none are as much fun as the custom cape flags from The Flag Makers! Spanning from wrist to wrist and constructed with arm and neck holes, our body flags can be worn at outdoor sporting events, indoor sporting events, music festivals, and more! Design one for your favorite sports team, create a design for a pep rally, or do a little advertising for your business or organization. Every detail of the customization process is up to you!

Cape flags to fit any body

Customizing body flags comes with a unique challenge. Unlike other flags that will fly on a pole or hang on a wall, our cape flags are part flag, and part wearable garment. Like most garments, one size does not fit all.

Fortunately, our capes hang loosely, so there is some leeway. If you’re ordering for adults, we recommend ordering capes that are 3 feet by 5 feet. If you’re ordering flags for children, we recommend capes that are 2 feet by 3 feet.

If these sizes don’t work for you, just let us know! We can make cape flags in nearly any size you can imagine, so you can ensure the flags you order will fit your crew like a glove.

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Detailed body flag construction

A body flag is much more than just a flag with a strap that allows it to be hung around the neck. Not only do you have to get the design right, you have to get the construction right too.

At The Flag Makers, we make it our job to pay attention to all the details. Our body flags include:

  • Your choice of 68D polyester or 100D polyester.
  • Your choice of dye sublimation or screen printing.
  • Flags that are constructed with two sleeves and a Velcro strap.
  • Heavy-duty stitching around the edge of the flag.
  • Orders of any amount—there are no minimums!


If you’re looking for the most durable cape flags on the market, choose 100D polyester. If you’re looking for full-color images, or you want to recreate a detailed photo, we recommend dye sublimation. If you’re looking to print a simpler design, we recommend screen printing.

If you aren’t sure what kind of details you should choose, just let us know! We can also work with you on a strict budget. We can make professional recommendations, depending on how the flags are going to be used, how they’re printed, and we can provide you with alternatives that will help you save money. And of course, we can help you save big on bulk orders!


Create an eye-catching design

There are a lot of ways cape flags can be used. Fans use them in the stands to support their favorite teams, marathons use them as handouts, and they’re a must at any superhero-themed event or Comicon. No matter where your cape flags are going to be used, it’s important that you take the time to create an eye-catching design.

We can help you do just that! You can either provide us with your complete design, or you can provide us with the design elements you want to include. We can arrange the elements of your design in an effective, and visually pleasing way. We have been designing flags for over a decade, so we know how to create the perfect design for any event.

You won’t pay extra for this service. Image setup is absolutely free, as is the proof of your flag. Continue tweaking your design until you’re completely happy. Only then will we send your cape flags to the printers.

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