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Here at The Flag Makers, we take pride in our high quality graphics designs and top-notch flag materials. We offer completely customizable flags in any shapes, sizes, and styles that you need. Listed below, you will find more information about our custom flag making process and a brief explanation of what you can expect when you work with our company.

  • We provide superior service and pricing! The quality of our products is extremely important to us and customer satisfaction is our top priority.
  • Buy in bulk and save big! The more items that you include in your order, the lower your prices will be.
  • We offer both digital-printing and screen-printing options - both of which result in a beautifully printed flag containing only the most vibrant of colors. Keep in mind that if you need your own original artwork to be printed, you will need to provide us with the proper format for each printing process. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions before placing your order.

  • Since all of our flags are printed using high-quality color, a printing process that involves more colors can have an impact on the price. For example, if your image needs to have more faded and gradient colors, we would need to use the digital-printing option. Digitally-printed orders of a high volume will cost a bit more. Screen-printing is usually the cheaper option, especially for flags that consist of solid colors.
  • Please remember that not all flags are the same. You will need to consider which type of material to choose from, depending on how you will be using your flags. For example, if your flag will be used indoors, you will only need 100D polyester. If your flag will be used outdoors, you should consider using 200D knitted polyester or higher.
  • The difference between single and double-sided flags: Single-sided flags are much more common and weigh less, so these flags tend to fly in the wind a lot easier. Double-sided flags are 2 flags that are printed separately and then sewn together, using a block-out material to separate the two flags in the middle. This makes double-sided flags much heavier, so they can be difficult for the wind to move these flags at times.
  • The fixture to hang your flag is included at no extra cost to you!


Our custom flags can be printed 2 different ways:

Screen-Print Example: (Note that the colors are solid)



Digital-Print Example: (Note that the colors are gradient, like a photo)

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The materials you can choose from are:

  • 100D Polyester - This is the most common choice for indoor use.
  • 200D Knitted Polyester - This is the most common choice for outdoor use.
  • 500D Spun Polyester - This is the most durable material available. Cannot be used with digital-printing.


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Single-sided or Double-sided - Which should you choose?

Single-sided flag example:





As seen in the example above, the wording on a single-sided flag will be shown in reverse on the back.

This type of flag takes very little wind to move, and is the most common choice for custom flags.

Double-sided flag example:





As seen in the example above, the wording on a double-sided flag reads correctly on the back. This type of flag takes more wind to move, as the additional layers are much heavier.


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Types of Flag Fixtures:

  • Brass Eyelets (grommets) - These are the most common flag fixtures.
  • Rope Loops
  • Clips
  • Sleeve
  • Rope Toggle
  • Rope and Clip


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Flag Information



Coat of Arms Custom flags

Coat of Arms flags capture a family history and are sure to become a treasured possession and a great conversation point for your home, family and friends.

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Custom Car flags

The flag makers will design car flags for all occasions.

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Customer Testimonials

"I received the flags yesterday and I have to tell you I couldn't be more happy with the result. It took a long time to come to realization but the finished product is absolutely perfect. I can't fine the adequate words to thank you and your very talented crew. I know this one had to be hard for you to produce."
T.L."Tim" Cable
California USA

"The flags arrived. They look GREAT!  The price was right and the delivery time was the best.  Thank you for your help.  I will talk to the other club members and see if they would like to order some more, Thanks again, I would highly recommend your company to anyone."
David Kornell
Kelowna BC Canada

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