Flags Made With Your Custom Designs

We provide several different options, styles and variations in the way you want your custom flags to be made. We understand that flags are used in many different ways, with some requiring custom sizes and various printed designs.

As the manufacturer, we guarantee that there are no limitations when it comes to any aspect of your flags. With the help of our latest printing machines, we have the ability to print large quantities of flags with ease. Our team of specialists will then add the finishing touch to produce the perfect order each and every time.

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Custom Flags Used For:

  • Promotional Events
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Sporting Events
  • State and National Days
  • Personal Use
  • Business and Corporations
  • Distributor Resale

Product Specs On Our Custom Printed Flags:

  • No minimum required
  • Fully custom sized (your choice)
  • Inks and dyes UV protected
  • Dye sublimation or Screen printed
  • Single sided or Double sided
  • Options on materials (Polyesters or Nylon)
  • Double stitched on four edges

Custom-Printed Flag Samples:

Custom Flag Specifications.

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Standard Sizes:

3′ x 5′ (Standard) This is most common for outside use.

Other sizes are:
16″ x 24″
2′ x 3′
4′ x 6′
5′ x 8′
6′ x 10′

We can make any size you require.


Standard Materials

200D Polyester most durable for outside use


Nylon material



Printing Techniques
We offer Two options: dye sublimation and screen printing. We PMS color match.

Dye sublimation best for complex designs, and is cost effective on lower runs.


The Screen-printing technique is the best choice for simple designs with solid colors, giving you the best value on larger runs.


S/D sided

Single sided or Double sided.


Polyester or Nylon flags that are printed single sided have a 95-98% bleed on the reverse as is standard.


You have the option of double-sided with three layers, so the design will read correctly on both sides.


Customized flags are finished with two rows of stitching. You also have options for hanging fixtures.


Flag Stitching



Rope loops


Rope and Clips

flag rope and clip

Sleeve pocket



Flag Gallery

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