Albanian Flag

Albanian Flag

Flags of the World: Albanian Flag

The Albania flag is an impressive flag that is completely red from top to bottom. Although its striking block of colour makes it eye-catching, the emblem is what makes this country flag stand apart from others.

The emblem features a majestic double-headed eagle with two wings, two feet, and a single tail. It reflects the region’s Byzantine roots and represents the two major parts of the nation, which are church and state.

The two-headed eagle is even more meaningful to the Albanian people because it is an important part of their history. The eagle has been the national symbol of Albania since the Middle Ages. During the Byzantine Empire, a golden two-headed eagle was used to symbolize the imperial family, and later was used on the coat of arms of famous noble families, such as the Kastrioti family

Although the two-headed eagle has been a consistent feature of the Albanian flag for many years, how it’s been presented has changed. The current simplistic design was adopted in 1992 after undergoing 11 revisions since 1912.

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