Flags of the World: Andorra Flag

Andorra is a rather small state situated between the borders of France and Spain. It is therefore fitting that the Andorra flag would combine elements from both the Flag of France and Spain, as they are responsible for protecting the independence of this small state.

The vertical color blocks of blue and red were taken from the French flag. The color yellow was taken from Spain, as was the idea for an emblem, although the emblem is entirely Andorran.

The emblem is Andorra’s coat of arms and contains the motto, “Strength United is Stronger.”

Adopted way back in 1886, this is also a fairly old flag, so the loyalty to its design and what it represents is very strong. Although it may appear similar to the flags in Romania, Moldova, and Chad, the fact that the colour stripes do not have equal widths sets the Andorra national flag apart.

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