Flags of the World: ASEAN Flag

The ASEAN flag is fairly unique because it doesn’t represent a single country, government, or nation. Instead, it was created to represent a group of Southeast Asian countries that have come together for mutual economic and political benefit. The organization was originally formed in August of 1967, but the current flag wasn’t officially adopted until 1993.

The emblem on the ASEAN flag consists of ten paddy or rice stalks set in the middle of a red circle. The stalks represent each of the ten members of the organization. These stalks are colored yellow to represent prosperity.

The other colors on the flag are representative of the ASEAN organization. The blue background symbolizes peace and stability, the red circle stands for courage, while the white outline of the emblem represents purity. The colors are especially meaningful because they represent the main colors that can be found on all the national flags of each ASEAN member state.

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