Flags of the World: Australia Flag

The national the Australia flag represents the people who live on the sixth largest continent in the world. The main details of the flag include a blue background and the Union Jack of England in the upper left hand corner, due to Australia’s history as one of Britain’s six colonies. However, a more historic view of the inclusion of the Union Jack simply demonstrates the Australian people’s loyalty to the British Empire.

The Commonwealth Star, seen underneath the Union Jack, was originally shown with six points, representing the six federating colonies. However, a seventh point was added to symbolize the Papua, and any other territories that might be acquired in the future.

The Southern Cross is a distinct constellation that can easily be seen in the Southern Hemisphere, and it can also be found on the right half of the flag. This constellation has been used to represent Australia since the early days of British settlement.

Originally adopted in 1901, the national Australia flag now represents tens of millions of citizens who take strength in a design that is over 100 years old. From small to large, traditional flags to car flags, we will create an Australian flag that you can be proud of.