Flags of the World: Bahrain Flag

Most flags use a vertical or horizontal design of colored bands. Instead, Bahrain took a different approach to their current flag which was adopted on February 14, 2002. Instead, the Bahrain flag has only two colored panels, separated by a zigzag line of white triangles. Each flag points to the right and is supposed to represent the five pillars of Islam.

The white portion of the Bahrain national flag is located on the left hand side and takes up about 32.5% of the flag. The red portion of the flag takes up much more space and represents the Kharijite sect of Islam.

There were quite a few other versions of the design that were used before the newest version of the flag of Bahrain was adopted. However, the color red was included in every design. The white stripe arrived in 1820, while versions of the zigzag were used starting in 1932.

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