Flags of the World: Belize Flag

While most national flags of the world depend on the meaning behind a few colors, the Belize flag takes a different approach. Instead, they proudly display the coat of arms of Belize on their flag, which contains a total of 12 colors, which is more than any other national flag in the world.

Two woodcutters hold the shield, one carries an axe and the other a wooden oar. They are both standing in front of a mahogany tree, which was important to the economy of early Belize.

The shield is divided into three sections with the top two sections containing woodcutting tools. The bottom section features a ship, demonstrating the importance of woodcutting as related to boat-building. Below the shield a banner reads “Sub Umbra Floreo,” which means “Under the Shade I Flourish,” which is the national motto of Belize.

Although the colors on the shield don’t have any particular meaning, the main colors chosen for the flag do. The colors represent the national parties of Belize. The red color represents the Opposition Party and the blue color represents the People’s United Party.

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