Flags of the World: Bolivia

As with other flags that were adopted in the 1800’s, the Bolivia flag utilizes a basic stripe pattern. Three horizontal stripes make up the background of the Bolivia national flag, which include red, yellow, and green, which also happen to be Pan-African colors that can be seen on many other flags on the continent.

During the Supreme Decree of 1888, it was stated that red “represents the blood shed by our heroes for the birth and preservation of the Republic,” yellow “represents our wealth and resources,” and green “represents the richness of our natural areas as well as hope, a foundational value of our society.”

The Bolivian coat of arms is located in the center of the flag and contains meaningful colors of its own. According to some, the red color in the coat of arms stands for Bolivia’s brave soldiers, the green color symbolizes fertility, and the yellow color represents the nation’s mineral deposits.

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